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Our Packs

  • DP25

    • Maturity: 115%
    • Surf Ad Credits: 30
    • Maximum Packs: 20
    • No Need to daily Surf Ads
    • Not Fixed Daily Income
  • DP50

    • Maturity: 120%
    • Surf Ad Credits: 50
    • Maximum Packs: 50
    • No Need to daily Surf Ads
    • Not Fixed Daily Income
  • DP100

    • Maturity: 125%
    • Surf Ad Credits: 100
    • Maximum Packs: 10
    • No Need to daily Surf Ads
    • Not Fixed Daily Income
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What is Diversity Fund Club?

Diversity Fund Club is a revenue-share based advertiser and profit earner club. Rent high quality advertising profit packs from the internet-based advertising sector. If you rent profit pack(s) at the Diversity Fund Club, you can share in our daily income.

Ryan Teller

Can I advertise my own program?


Yes, you can! Each rental pack includes advertising credits that you can use to advertise any of your online businesses or any website that does not violate our policies. By renting more packs, you can place more ads in the system.

Jonny Cash

How long has the Diversity Fund Club been operating?


The website was launched in October 2016 and operated unchanged until April 2020. Due to the economic crisis and changed market conditions, the business had to be redesigned. The new website is already operating on the basis of crisis-proof plans.

Mia Donovan

Referral program


We offer 2% commission on 1. level and 0,5% on 2. level for profit pack rentals. We offer 0,5% commission for Surf Ad purchasing.

Passion leads to design, design leads to performance,
performance leads to success! Sean Themes, Developer Teams in Malaysia

Our Services

Members of the Diversity Fund Club are members of an international online community who enjoy the following benefits:

Revenue Sharing

Our active members can advertise while sharing Diversity Fund Club revenue. Income is not fixed but is always generated.

Advertising Opportunity

There are several ways members can advertise their online businesses. Banner advertising, surf advertising and login advertising are also accepted.

Advanced Forum

You can chat with members and share your online business on our forum. Our members can open their own topic for their business

Full Support

We help our members 24/7 every working day. We have limited opening hours on weekends.


We share all important information with our members, we are present in our Facebook group every day.

Detailed Business Results

We update our business results on the website every week. This is an important part of how the DFC works.

Payment Proofs

sinced (Nigeria)$18.9pisti87 (Hungary)$18.89ugomillionaire (Great Britain)$28.87Robinzon (Russian Federation)$23.55lucrativefund (Netherlands)$69.15M4rko (Italy)$18.8hrhong (Great Britain)$22.6lkokyu (Malaysia)$19.75Eddy5871 (France)$24.5mvmonline (Philippines)$31.25

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